No matter what you sell, no matter what service you offer, there are business costs.

Opening a shop in an actual physical mall for example:

LITTLE GREEN BEAN, Sharon Munroe, North Austin, Texas

She opened her shop in a mall in Texas in 2010. Didn’t officially open until 2011. This is what she paid before she could open her doors:

Rent and Operating Costs

  • Security deposit for the rental lease ($1,877, based on 1,609 square feet in a well-established, centrally located strip shopping center in North Austin, Texas)
  • First month’s rent in advance, plus triple net ($1,877; $835 for her portion of the center’s operating expenses and property taxes)
  • Utilities security deposit ($300)

And that was to open. Who knows what she’s paying now in 2015 for the store to remain in the mall. If it’s still open!

Read the article here:

This is her shop:

The Hamilton Mall offers the same thing. Actually, more!

The most expensive package here is exactly one-sixth of Sharon’s Utilities Security Deposit. The cheapest is one-twelfth.

A network of vendors committed to personal and community success.

Business tips. Access to a number of professional upgrading classes, training and so much more. Access and discounts on THM Vendor events, both online and real life. You really are joining a team. Malls don’t offer that. It really is every man/woman for him/herself. And truth be told, most successful people have a team. Join the mall and let’s build a team. PM me on any social network platform (preferably Facebook,) email me or call me and let’s get started.





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