Gentlemen’s Affair

Why on earth would a man invest in a Tuxedo?

  1. Money. We all need more of it.
  2. Confidence. That will skyrocket at the speed………….of a rocket.
  3. Admiration. This is Lingerie for women. Put one on and tell me I’m wrong!

That out the way, all you need. For any reason, but especially Vday. Let’s get started!

All you see here is affordable. The Tuxedo is $124.95. Tuxedo (men) = Lingerie (women)

Real life math every man wants to be a part of! Fine Tuxedos:

Everything you need to make a magical evening. Cheers!  THM

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Clothes out the way, now for the mood!


The Evening Libation

The Music


27 thoughts on “Gentlemen’s Affair

  1. I would’t spend loads of money on a tux to maybe only wear it once, Unless I needed one for a job or something


  2. Nothing like a guy in a tux. Sadly I can count on one hand the number of times the man in my life needed it.


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