Shining Star

VDAY is coming up. Whether you have someone special, you’re meeting someone for the first time or you’re hanging out with the boys scouting for someone, set yourself up to shine! THM provides everything but the game. You have to handle that!

Sneak Outfitters

Go forth and shine young man!

The Liqueur


The Music


The Advice


16 thoughts on “Shining Star

  1. It’s fun to dress boys up because they have no clue at all about what looks good on them and what doesn’t. These are all great choices, it’s nice to see a well dressed man, ready for his date!


  2. I liked the ladies and gentlemen rules. Granted some could be seen as outdated now it’s still important for manners to be upheld.
    I loved the style you showed though my husband would never wear it. It’s too much of a “grizzly man” as my daughter says.


  3. I wish men still dress like that. I would make things just a bit more chic and it feels good to dress up when the guy also dresses up.


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