Concert Time

We’re back. Ten more badass concerts. Enjoy. RIP Maurice White!


23 thoughts on “Concert Time

  1. I live the Diva live concert in New York this blog Post was very up beat for me I really appreciate this effort. I want to go see Formation Tour Beyonce in Canada.


  2. It’s been a while since I last watched a concert! Thanks for sharing these it’s really awesome. I should really go and watch a concert soon. I miss all the excitement and fun that comes with it!


  3. Very diverse set of concert videos. Earlier for 4 hours they played Backstreet Boys music. It was very nice.


  4. OMG these are awesome. The last time I have been to a concert was more than 5 years ago. It was fun! Your post reminded me to go and have the fun once again


  5. To be honest I have not been in to a concert but I really love watching videos and hearing great songs from my favorite singers on stage. I really want to go one someday, but I’m afraid I’ll get chocked in the middle of the crowd.


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