Sammi’s Rodan and Fields Shop!

Welcome to Sammi’s Rodan and Fields shop.


Two awesome women, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields created a groundbreaking product in 1995.

They now have an awesome line of skin care products meant to create healthier, longer lasting wrinkle free skin that glows wherever you are.

Safer and cheaper than Botox and Cosmetic Surgery for sure. We take care of the men too. Especially those pesky painful shaving bumps. We make it possible for you to love the skin you’re in!


And Skin Care is a billion dollar business. Do you want to establish a new business?

Then reach out to Sammi Masino-Burnicks. With an awesome team, mentorship, a little training and a lot of hard work, you can establish a new or additional revenue stream. You can love the skin you’re in and fill your bank account as well.

Sammi’s Rodan and Fields Shop. Everything to gain for the right person. You!



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