Bohemian Swag!

Hitting the coffeehouse or a college lecture? Arguing politics with close friends? Taking advantage of Casual Friday at work?

Whatever you’re doing, turning up or turning down, here is a quick ensemble that will work wonders…………and maybe pick up a few new admirers!

The Sweater, Boots and Belt: Sneak Outfitters

The Jeans: Zindigo

The Black Suede Cologne, Body Washes and Watch: Avon

Young man, enjoy your pursuit of knowledge in style!

The Spirit

The Poetry





18 thoughts on “Bohemian Swag!

      1. Yea, we can often get all the seasons in 1 week down here. But hoping all these cold snaps are behind us. I Love the cold, but teasing back and forth is killing the wardrobe and Heat/AC! And I need to plan on what to eat/drink based on if it is warm/cold, too, right?!


  1. I like the watch! Nice to see something with a bit of colour on it for men, even if it is a dark burgundy!


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