Jeanette’s Rusitc Affair

Welcome to Jeanette’s Rustic Affair. 

Everything you need. New wardrobe. Food without dangerous chemicals. Clothes for the kids that are actually cute (and actually cover stuff,) home decor, new business items, something for the evenings. Whatever the reason, Jeanette’s Rustic Affair has all you need.

Check out Jeanette’s Rustic Affair at the THM Free For All event. Just in time for Mother’s Day!



Grandma’s Pantry provides the awesome authentic down home food.

Sass N’ Frass provides beautiful and affordable items for women, kids, the home and some dessert items.

Custom Vinyl Creations provides really beautiful quality vinyl creations for any purpose. Home decor, business, etc.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries the tastiest sinfully delightful desserts and snacks for any purpose or craving

Legging Army provides leggings and so much more. Comfortable, fashionable and affordable.

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For all your needs and wants, whatever they are. And there are business opportunities for all of the companies as well. If you are willing to work, you can build a potentially lucrative business that provides additional avenue streams. If this is for you, we should talk. Soon!





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