THM Music Month

Ten more classic albums you either have, had and lost or wish you could find again!


As always, Welcome And Enjoy. See you next week with ten more! THM 


8 thoughts on “THM Music Month

  1. Wow what a good list! I now know what I’m going to listen to tomorrow at work. This is a great mix of genres and artist! Thanks to you I’m going to be grooving to ABBA while I type away.


  2. Classic Abba, when was the last time they released a single do you know at all? They were and still are an iconic band and many people count them as their inspiration.


  3. Wow! Thank you very much for this list, it’s all so perfect for a chill afternoon. I love listening to songs like these whenever I have my alone time. I feel all the more relaxed and motivated. This is much appreciated.


  4. My favourite album ever is Abba – gold. My mum and dad first brought this for me on cassette for Christmas when I was 8 years old. But then when i was in my twenties my little boy who was then only 2 broke it. So my husband went out and brought it me on CD.


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